Previously Published Estimates

These data have been superceded. For current estimates and the most recent revisions, please visit BEA's main Web site at

This page provides access to previously published estimates released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). These estimates include revisions to prior estimates. However, they generally do not reflect the most recent revision for a particular period.

At this time, National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) and Fixed Assets, Industry Accounts, Balance of Payments, Regional Accounts, and Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts data is available. Additional BEA data may be available in the future.

National Accounts

National Accounts - include national income and product accounts data (measures of GDP and personal income) and fixed asset accounts data (net stock, depreciation and fixed investment by industry and by asset type).

Industry Accounts

Industry accounts - data includes measures for Gross-Domestic-Product-by-Industry, and benchmark and annual input-output tables.

International Accounts

International accounts - data includes measures for the Current Account Balance and the full set of U.S. International Transactions.

Regional Accounts

Regional accounts - data includes measures for Gross Domestic Product by State, and State and Local Area Personal Income.

Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts

Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts - harmonize the BEA National Income and Product Accounts and the Federal Reserve Board Flow of Funds Accounts.