Federal, civilian

A sub-group of Government and Government Enterprises.

Congressional staff and the U.S. Postal Service are included in this category.

Estimates of government wages and salaries, government earnings, and government employment are presented in four pieces: Federal civilian; military; state government; and local government.

Related Data Tables

For estimates relating to Federal, civilian please see the following tables

  • In the annual state personal income and employment category: SA05 SA05H SA05N SA06 SA06N SA07 SA07H SA07N SA25 SA25N SA27 SA27N
  • In the county annual personal income and employment category: CA05 CA05N CA06 CA06N CA25 CA25N
  • In the quarterly state personal income category: SQ5 SQ5H SQ5N SQ6 SQ6N SQ7 SQ7H SQ7N