Estimates of government wages and salaries, government earnings, and government employment are presented in four pieces: Federal civilian; military; state government; and local government.

The estimates of wages and salaries for the military services consist of the estimates of cash wages (including allowances) of full-time personnel of the armed services (including the Coast Guard), the estimates of cash wages of the members of the Reserves including the National Guard, and the estimates of pay-in-kind received by the full-time and reserve enlisted personnel of the armed services.

Military employment is measured as the number of military personnel assigned to active duty units that are stationed in the area plus the number of military reserve unit members. The estimates of active duty employment for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are based on the annual averages of 12 monthly observations, for a given year, from reports received from each branch of service. Navy personnel assigned to ships and other mobile units and Marines assigned to Fleet Marine Force units are measured according to the units' home ports rather than their actual locations as of the reporting date.

The measure of the employment of the military Reserves--including the National Guard--is confined to members of reserve units that meet regularly for training. The state estimates are based on fiscal year--ending September 30--tabulations of military reserve pay provided by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

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  • In the annual state personal income and employment category: SA25 SA25N SA27 SA27N SA5 SA5H SA5N SA6 SA6N SA7 SA7H SA7N
  • In the county annual personal income and employment category: CA25 CA25N CA5 CA5N CA6 CA6N
  • In the quarterly state personal income category: SQ5 SQ5H SQ5N SQ6 SQ6N SQ7 SQ7H SQ7N