Proprietors employment

Proprietors employment includes both nonfarm proprietors and farm proprietors.

Nonfarm proprietors:

The BEA local area estimates of nonfarm self-employment consist of the number of sole proprietorships and the number of individual business partners not assumed to be limited partners. The nonfarm self-employment estimates resemble the wage and salary employment estimates in that both series measure jobs--as opposed to workers--on a full-time and part-time basis. However, because of limitations in source data, two important measurement differences exist between the two sets of estimates. First, the self-employment estimates are largely on a place-of-residence basis rather than on the preferred place-of-work basis. Second, the self-employment estimates reflect the total number of sole proprietorships or partnerships active at any time during the year--as opposed to the annual average measure used for wage and salary employment.

Farm proprietors:

Farm self-employment is defined as the number of non-corporate farm operators, consisting of sole proprietors and partners. A farm is defined as an establishment that produces, or normally would be expected to produce, at least $1,000 worth of farm products--crops and livestock--in a typical year. Because of the low cutoff point for this definition, the farm self-employment estimates are effectively on a full-time and part-time basis. The estimates are consistent with the job-count basis of the estimates of wage and salary employment because farm proprietors are counted without regard to any other employment. The distinction between place-of-work and place-of-residence is not significant because most farmers live on or near their land. Similarly, because of the annual production cycle of most farming, the distinctions between the point-in-time, the average annual, and the any-activity temporal concepts of employment measurement are not significant.

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