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Digital EconomyBEA is developing tools to better capture the effects of fast-changing technologies on the U.S. economy and on global supply chains. The project seeks to calculate the digital economy's contribution to U.S. GDP, improve measures of high-tech goods and services, and offer a more complete picture of international trade. Other goals are to advance research for digital goods and services, the sharing economy and free digital content, and to explore economic measures beyond GDP to better understand Americans' well-being.


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Email with comments or questions, or call Jessica Nicholson at (301) 278-9171.

Feedback Opportunity

BEA would like input from users to refine these estimates and further the effort to develop a comprehensive digital economy satellite account. BEA is requesting feedback on the following questions:

  • Does the definition proposed by BEA accurately define the digital economy?
  • What goods and services not captured in the current definition of the digital economy should BEA consider in scope for the digital economy satellite account? Are there goods and services currently included in the definition that should not be included?
  • What datasets could BEA use to estimate in-scope shares of partially digital goods and services?
  • Who would use these new statistics and what would they use them for (please provide specific examples)?
  • Beyond statistics on value added, output, employment, and compensation, what other types of digital economy statistics would be useful?
  • Why are these new statistics needed? What benefits would flow to users from BEA-produced statistics in this area that they couldn't get elsewhere?

Please email all comments to

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